This project was the result of a semester-long transformation design project. I worked with five other designers in deciding upon a direction, and designing a solution.
Here is a short intoduction to the assignment:

As you saw in the video, the prototype meeting was a major turning point in our process. We hammered out the real issues. Health is declining; Indiana is 8th in obesity in the United States. And, parks no longer have a relevant purpose in today’s society.
The fact is, parks have an unparalleled ability to help people; but people are not taking advantage of them. This led us to create On the website, you could create an event in the park, investigate events going on in a park near you, and receive event notifications.
Here is a short video demonstrating how the website would work:

In addition to the website; we wanted to make sure we could create a sustainable design by appealing a broader audience. This led us to create a communications campaign. The posters we created will lead you to the website; but they will also empower you to use the park on your own.



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